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5 Holiday Tips to Lombok


Gili Trawangan beautiful, white sand on Senggigi Beach, and funny fish in Gili Nanggu, make anyone want to visit Lombok. However, first consider these 5 tips to make your travel pleasant.

Lombok has a natural charm that perfectly, especially the beach and the sea. This makes the traveler fall in love and want to spend the holidays there. Here are 5 tips to travel to Lombok, in order to maximize your trip:

 Come during weekdays

It is advisable to choose a time to travel to Lombok during weekdays. Typically, transportation or lodging is full on weekends that will make you difficult to stay overnight.

On weekends or red dates, air fares were more expensive than usual. Therefore, you’ll want to traveling to Lombok during weekdays to get cheaper tickets. The atmosphere is more quiet during weekdays will be able to feel, because the crowds of visitors who come yet.

 Arrange itinerary appropriately and carefully

There are many interesting detinasi in Lombok, ranging from Gili Trawangan to Mount Rinjani National Park. Therefore, prepare your trip itinerary or schedule appropriately and carefully. Determine the purpose of your destination with the details of the travel time and expense that will be spent carefully.

Do not forget to ask for advice from friends or a traveler who had already been traveling to Lombok. Choose a destination that fits your budget. Remember, obey at all times on your trip itinerary so smoothly.

 Want cheap inn, only to Mataram

Put in a note to stay in Mataram, because a lot of cheap lodges while away from the tourist spots. There Mataram hotels, inns and homestays. The price also ranges, ranging from 8-45 USD per night.

 Rent a bike may also

It’s as well to rent a bike, whose price is much cheaper than renting a car. If the cost of renting a car hundreds of thousands per day, the cost of renting the motor quite 5 USD only. Many rental bike around the city of Mataram. From there, you can go to the beach or around the city Singgigi.

 Prepare sunblock

Lombok is famous for its white sandy beaches are captivating. Tinkering on the beach will provide an unforgettable experience. However, do not forget to bring sunblock to keep your skin.

Heat of the sun on the coast-coast beaches, the ocean and white sand make so pretty to stare. Use a sunblock first so that your skin does not burn.

 Dress decently

The majority of people in Lombok are Muslims. Therefore, it is advisable to honor them with a more decently dressed.
You’ll want to dress more decently when walking around in the city. This will be honor and respect the local community.

 Enjoy the distinctive culture of Lombok

Not only nature, Lombok also has a form of the cultural charm. Festival Nyale smell is a very famous event and Lombok. This festival is celebrated routine 5 days after the full moon or the 20th day of the 10th month in the traditional Sasak calendar or the month of February-March. In this event, you will see local people who hunt marine worms that are considered sacred. The worms are thought to bring good luck and prosperity.

You can also see the direct manufacture of woven fabrics in Sasak village, Sade, Rembitan, Central Lombok. In this place, you can see up close the process of making woven cloth Lombok. The fabric can also be purchased for souvenirs from Lombok.

Do not forget to prepare excellent stamina to explore Lombok. Cameras became mandatory items should you bring to record the beauty of Lombok every time.

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