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How Can NDIS Help Special Needs People Who Live Alone?


Don’t let your condition stop you from achieving your maximum potential. The National Disability Insurance Scheme is here to help individuals with special needs reach their goals while having a better-quality life. NDIS can provide you the following benefits:


You will customize your plans, including your goals and the support needed to achieve them. The NDIS will provide fund assistance for the following:

  • Therapeutic sessions
  • Transportation, to boost community participation or social interaction (including vehicle modification)
  • Work-aid tools or personnel that helps you in accomplishing your tasks
  • Home modifications, which will allow easier access, such as mobility equipment; and
  • Assistive technologies that aid to your disability

However, there will be few exemptions. The NDIS will not fund anything unrelated to the participants’ disability, needs, and support. Any matter that might incur harm to an individual and services that other government agencies cover will also not be entertained.

Home and Living

The NDIS also provides domestic aid and consequently improves your independence. These packages are created for you as support inside the household.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

SIL provides aid or supervision in daily tasks, including chores (e.g., cooking, cleaning) and personal care. This type of support will guide you in honing skills to become more efficient. SIL is well-suited for participants who require a significant amount of assistance in a day and is available for ages 18 and above.

Individualized Living Options (ILO)

Unlike the previous one, ILO focuses on giving you your desired living environment. You will have complete control over the planning, designing, and choosing the type of support needed. In this way, you can enjoy your dream place with your loved ones.


One of the goals of NDIS is to further the social and economic contribution. Getting the most appropriate job is a perfect opportunity to begin independence by providing to yourself and being financially capable. This is why the NDIS encourages its participants to include employment in their plans.

School Leaver Employment.

This type of support caters to graduating students at the secondary level. The NDIS offers up to 2 years of training to draw up work-related skills and the confidence that will bring them to the doors of employment. They also work alongside schools to properly transition the students with disabilities into a workplace environment and encourage employers to be open in hiring people with disabilities while recognizing their special needs. 

Disability Employment Services

Those who are not eligible for Disability Support Services will receive employment support. The NDIS provides aid in finding and retaining jobs and giving assistance in the workplace. This service also extends its help to employers.

The NDIS administers information and services to all people with disabilities and special needs. With the National Disability Insurance Scheme, there will be no fear of unpreparedness and exclusivity.

If you qualify as a participant and you happen to reside on your own, you may apply for the program. NDIS published all details you need to become a beneficiary. Once you are part of the scheme, contact a specialist support coordination for assistance regarding your plans.

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