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Control Business Costs with Restaurant Payroll Services


Managing all of the facets of your restaurant is time-consuming. Nowhere is this more important than when dealing with the cost of labor. Scheduling can be a frustrating procedure for a team of ten, add another ten, and it becomes more complicated and so does maintaining the cost of this labour. One of the most fluid, aspects of a foodservice operation, labor can make you, or break you.

The control of a restaurants labor cost is imperative, and the efficiency of utilization is necessary if you want to be a success. Restaurant payroll services can help you run your operation so that it does not run you. The time saved will free you from the office giving you time to spend in the kitchen and dining room, the heart of your operation.

Payroll and the Bottom Line

Scheduling and labor control is very hard for some managers to understand. Having too much help can be costly, and so can having too little. Using tools designed specifically for the restaurant industry, restaurant payroll services can help you control these costs and add the savings to your annual profits.

Your business ebbs, and it flows, and so should your labor usage and costs, based on weekly, daily, or hourly sales. Overstaffing in the hope that you will need the help can cost hundreds of dollars per hour, in some establishments. This is money that could be better spent growing your business and can be when managed properly.

Assistance with your Restaurant Operations

Whether you are an owner/manager, manager for a business with few controls in place, or are in the initial phases of opening a new restaurant, using restaurant payroll services will give you better control of labor costs. Labor and food costs are the most flexible costs in your restaurant, and tracking them should be a priority. Hourly sales are not stagnant and your staffing should not be either. Using payroll services can give you the control you need to keep labor costs in line.

Restaurant Payroll Services Benefits

A payroll service for your restaurant will give you the ability to enter new hires into your payroll system and post their weekly time sheets. This allows you to maintain time and attendance records, track hourly labor against, sales so that you can adjust labor, accordingly. A payroll service can provide the necessary information you need for quarterly payroll tax payments and will audit them for accuracy so that you are neither over nor underpaying your taxes.

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