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How To Turn Your Simple Camping Into A Luxurious Glamping Experience


There is no shame in admitting that roughing it in the wilderness isn’t your cup of tea. It is a basic fact that not everyone enjoys camping trips because it means giving up a lot of creature comforts that most people cannot live without. Just because a simple camping trip doesn’t appeal to your lifestyle doesn’t mean you also can’t enjoy nature your style.

Glamping is a way of enjoying nature without giving up all luxuries and comforts that modern living has to offer. In fact, with the right planning and gear like the handy portable gazebo, even the simplest of camping sites can be turned into a glamping experience dream come true. Here’s how to make that possible:

1. Scout For The Best Campsites 

Of course, it is a given that choosing a picturesque campsite will help create a better glamping experience. Plus, it also helps to have a beautiful background for Instagram or Facebook posts to share with friends and family. The best spots are taken early, so be sure to scout as early as possible to stake your claim on a good area.

2. Buy A Good And Spacious Tent 

It is not a glamping experience when you have to stay inside a cheap and small tent along with the rest of your glamping buddies. Make sure to buy or rent a big tent that will give everyone enough space to settle down for the night. Also, check out tents that are waterproof or come with a removable waterproof cover if you prefer to watch the stars at night. You’ll never know when rain showers will visit the camp site, so it is always better to be prepared.

3. Trade Sleeping Bags For Air Mattresses 

Sleeping on the cold hard ground with nothing but a sleeping bag is not very luxurious, glamorous, or even comfortable. On your next trip, be sure to have more than enough to room for air mattresses for everyone. This means no more aching backs in the morning or an uncomfortable night of tossing and turning.

Add a mattress pump and skip the manual blowing to complete the experience minus the extra effort, it will be worth it to wake up well-rested for a day out in the wilderness.

4. Invest In Portable Luxuries 

There is a long list of portable camping luxuries currently available on the market. Everything from an inflatable movie theater screen to a portable gazebo will make a big difference during the camping trip because they offer more comfort and a better, more modern take on “roughing it up”. This way, everyone can enjoy the great outdoors, even those who aren’t comfortable trading in their city life for a life off the grid.

5.Glamping Is The New Camping

Why settle for anything less than a luxurious glamping experience? Bring along all the right gear with you and you will never have to worry about a nightmare camping experience ever again! You’ll never know, in the end, you might just fall in love with camping all over again.

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