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How to plan a trip from Bangkok to Pattaya


Thailand is one of the most enchanting countries in this world. Known as the “land of smiles”, the place welcomes huge flocks of visitors all year round. With their big smiles and even bigger hearts, people in this country are really adamant about their rituals and customs. If you are on a trip to Bangkok then it is essential for you to visit Pattaya. Being only 149km away, it is the perfect place to spend a weekend and let off the steam of a hectic week.

  1. Pick a ride- With the availability of multiple modes of transportation, you can easily pan out your journey according to your budget. People can take buses or flights as per their choice. Running every 30 minutes, buses facilitate you to enjoy the view as the city of Bangkok passes by leaving the bustle of the crowd behind. You can also travel through mini buses or rented cars for better accessibility. After reaching Pattaya, buses will not drop you off at your desired location hence you would have to take a songthaew(shared taxi) or bike taxi. They will act as a guide by giving you a small tour of the city.
  2. Essentials to keep in mind- Even though Pattaya is a famous and utterly mesmerizing place, the city is a crime hub. One must be aware about who he gets into contact with. Avoid buying expensive utilities from their like watches etc. as they might be fake. Watch what you drink and eat especially when hanging out with new company as it might be spiked with drugs. Carry a toilet paper as it’s difficult to find. The most important point is, DO NOT say anything against the royal family. Citizens are highly possessive about them and will not bear any outsider talking negatively about their leader.
  3. What makes Pattaya beautiful- From Jomtien beach for sporty fun and food to Walking street to enjoy lifestyle and shopping, Pattaya offers it all. Visiting the Sanctuary of truth is a must as it is an architectural masterpiece built with hand hewn wood carvings. Other attractions like Pattaya beach, Art in paradise, Sriracha zoo, KoPhai, Teddy bear museum etc. are some places that fascinate tourists. With a very happening night life, it’s the city that never sleeps.
  4. Coming back- Similar steps can be followed while coming back. I would recommend you to choose a different mode this time to experience it all. Make sure you check your belongings while coming back due to the increased theft rate. Avoid travelling at night as it may get a little unsafe.

All in all, Both of these cities constitute to be the heart of Thailand, the land of beauty.

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