How to plan a trip from Bangkok to Pattaya

Thailand is one of the most enchanting countries in this world. Known as the “land of smiles”, the place welcomes huge flocks of visitors all year round. With their big smiles and even bigger hearts, people in this country are really adamant about their rituals and customs. If you are on a trip to Bangkok then it is essential for you to visit Pattaya. Being only 149km away, it is the perfect place to spend a weekend and let off the steam of a hectic week.

  1. Pick a ride- With the availability of multiple modes of transportation, you can easily pan out your journey according to your budget. People can take buses or flights as per their choice. Running every 30 minutes, buses facilitate you to enjoy the view as the city of Bangkok passes by leaving the bustle of the crowd behind. You can also travel through mini buses or rented cars for better accessibility. After reaching Pattaya, buses will not drop you off at your desired location hence you would have to take a songthaew(shared taxi) or bike taxi. They will act as a guide by giving you a small tour of the city.
  2. Essentials to keep in mind- Even though Pattaya is a famous and utterly mesmerizing place, the city is a crime hub. One must be aware about who he gets into contact with. Avoid buying expensive utilities from their like watches etc. as they might be fake. Watch what you drink and eat especially when hanging out with new company as it might be spiked with drugs. Carry a toilet paper as it’s difficult to find. The most important point is, DO NOT say anything against the royal family. Citizens are highly possessive about them and will not bear any outsider talking negatively about their leader.
  3. What makes Pattaya beautiful- From Jomtien beach for sporty fun and food to Walking street to enjoy lifestyle and shopping, Pattaya offers it all. Visiting the Sanctuary of truth is a must as it is an architectural masterpiece built with hand hewn wood carvings. Other attractions like Pattaya beach, Art in paradise, Sriracha zoo, KoPhai, Teddy bear museum etc. are some places that fascinate tourists. With a very happening night life, it’s the city that never sleeps.
  4. Coming back- Similar steps can be followed while coming back. I would recommend you to choose a different mode this time to experience it all. Make sure you check your belongings while coming back due to the increased theft rate. Avoid travelling at night as it may get a little unsafe.

All in all, Both of these cities constitute to be the heart of Thailand, the land of beauty.


How to make the best of your trip to Dubai?

Are you planning on going on a trip to Dubai? Well, then here are the things that you need to think about before embarking on your trip to Dubai. As Dubai is a multicultural place, it is better to study about the can and cants in Dubai, so that you cannot get into any legal trouble while you are enjoying your holidays there.

Here are some important things to keep in mind in regards to the trip abroad.

Set a budget:

Although, people carry their credit cards with them when they are anywhere in the world, it is really very important that you set up a budget for your whole trip and equally important is that you stick with this budget as well.So, the first and foremost important thing to do is manage your budget for the trip.

Plan ahead:

It is much better that you make plans ahead of the things you want to do in the city that you are visiting and the places you want to see Etc. For this, it is very important that you research about the city or cities that you are visiting and find out the things that you could possibly enjoy doing there. This way, you can make a plan of the things to do and explore while you visit that place.This will save you a lot of time and a lot of money, effort as well.

Bookings beforehand:

The worse thing to do is to leave the bookings to be done at the last minute. You should never leave such things for later. On the off chance that you do not have the reservations and bookings and you cannot make one on the spot what will you do them? So, in order to save yourself all that hassle and worry, it is much better that you make your bookings beforehand.

Desert Safari tour:

If you are visiting a place like Dubai, then it would be a crime not to go on a desert safari. There are a lot of tour companies that will book you desert safari deals that are very affordable. If you check website, you will be able to book yourself a Dubai desert safari. The rates are very affordable and there are different options within the safari package. Just go to this website and book morning desert safari or evening, overnight safari ride Etc. They also give you the package which has hatta mountain safari price mentioned in it. So, you can choose the package that you want to and it may have other things included in it as well.

Boating tour:

In the night, you can choose to go on a boating tour and on a cruise that will be an experience of a lifetime I itself. Sometimes the boat stays on the water throughout the night if you have booked an overnight boating tour. You are welcome on the boat with drinks and later exquisite food is also served to the guests.


7 Things To Know Before Moving To Spain

For many people, the idea of moving to Spain is the same as moving to paradise. The country is one of sunshine and beaches and stunning surroundings. Every year, thousands of people opt to make Spain their home.  While simply packing your house up and moving sounds easy enough, there are a few things you can do to make your transition to Spain a little easier, as I found out when I bought my Javea property in Spain. Take a look at our top 7 tips for things you need to know before moving to Spain.

The Law of Falta Uno

One of the key things to remember before moving to Spain is the inevitable Law of Falta Uno which simply means that no matter how many copies you make of your documents, one will eventually go missing. Before you move, make absolutely sure that you have all the paperwork you need. A great idea is to give a separate set of copies to a trusted friend or relative for safekeeping.

The Butanero

The butanero plays an important role in Spanish lifestyle after all this man will be the one to carry those two-ton gas-bottles up you stair to ensure you have heating in winter and fuel in summer. Do not forget to tip this man.

Throw your birthday bash

Unlike in other countries when it is your birthday in Spain, it is up to you to throw a birthday party. As if aging another year is not bad enough already, you are going to have to spoil your friends, family, and colleges on top of it all too. You also need to know, that if it’s your child’s birthday you are going to need to send a whole big bag of sweets to school.

Avoid the beach in August

August is one of the most popular months for everyone to head on out to the beach. Everyone living in Spain, their families, their friends and their pets will be heading to the beach in August. You will also wait extremely long to be served in restaurants in restaurants or for food to arrive.

Queues in the morning

If you are planning to make a trip to the bank or see your estate agent or see a mechanic, you had best not plan to do so at any time between 9.30am and 11 am. At this time most people are tucking into breakfast at their local cafes and because you can’t change the culture of the country you may as well join them. Relax, take it easy and enjoy life. Everything else you have to do can be done after breakfast.

Your children are king

Children in Spain get to do whatever they want. They are treated as special creatures and cooed over at any opportunity.

Scream for attention

If you find yourself in a restaurant and want to get the attention of your waiter, simply putting a hand up won’t get you very far. You will need to you your voice, let the staff know that you want something or else you will never get it.


What Travel Vacation Is – And What it’s Not

Cabo San Lucas is among the most fascinating and spectacular tourist locations on the earthThis marvel of nature is situated on the tip of the Baja Peninsula in MexicoThis is sort of a heaven on earth which is stuffed with scenic coastsnice beachesand improbable diving spots with a wide range of lodgingThis place is usually referred as Cabo.

If you wish to have a soothing trip its essential concentrate on stressfree from the second you start planning your vacationThis isnt your atypical museumIts positioned in Franceso as to still get a little bit little bit of the normal mainstream French vacation but on the same time get off the overwhelmed path and explored this gem.

Following discussion will aid you.

Expertise majestic desert scenerywealthy riparian nature and enjoy an exciting day of amazing enjoyable and outdoor journey kayaking down the Decrease Salt RiverSolely a short drive from Phoenixthe Decrease Salt River is a highly regarded vacation spot for Arizonans looking for a approach to cool off with “tubing” a broadly standard activity for many people during the longhot summer season monthsNevertheless if you consider your self an outdoor adventurer and youre willing to attempt one thing newthen I recommend taking a day journey kayaking down the Lower Salt RiverEven if youve by no means been kayaking beforethe mild and mild Lower Salt River is an excellent place to start outeven for those whore a beginner.

You need to make you use of it each minute.

1Camping In terms of selecting a tropical vacation spotalways consider the type of trip youre afterThose with children trying to discover the sights of an exotic locale ought to probably keep away from social gathering cruises and places resembling IbizaOn the subject of having a very good timethe vacation locations in Texas are great decisionsNo matter what you want to do in your tripthere are all the time multiple places to goissues to do and see in Texas.

After the short breakwe acquired again in our kayaks and had been on the river once againFrom Blue Point Bridge the slows down and the present is way milderYoull discover many more individuals by now as a result of it is also a piece of the river shared by the tubersmaking for a way more lively social experience with kayakers and tubers mingling together and enjoying the river experienceAs we continued to drift on down in the direction of Sand Cliffswe also passed by many individuals out fishing and picnicking along the shore some even giving their horses a settle down in the water!


Its no secret that California is considered by many to be the ultimate vacation state because it combines an virtually endless array of vacationer sights sprinkled throughout what is broadly viewed as probably the most scenically endowed of all US StatesBlissful travelsNorthern region of California has loads of destinations that make your vacation more memorable.


Why people travel to Dubai desert safari for their vacations

Dubai isn’t only the focal center for the entire world for exchanging crosswise over Asia, Europe and Africa, it is an incredible traveler nation which respects all vacationer with open heart. More than 1 million individuals visit for every month according to insights give Government of Dubai. In spite of the fact that Dubai is renowned for its World tallest structure and its neighborliness however a standout amongst the most significant Dubai desert safariis “Desert Trip”.

People get attracted through certain activities:

The Dubai desert safariis the best Dubai desert safarispecialist organization in Dubai, having background of over 11 years. In the event that you are visiting Dubai or the residents of United Arab Emirates, you should need to go for this visit. It is an adventuresome visit and just as bring significant calmness.

Directing is a standout amongst the most significant components in their organization, which is the reason they hand select their visit manages without anyone else’s input. They just use armadas of first vehicle luxury autos for their city visits. They likewise gives the certification of an agreeable, protected, great and loosening up voyage. In the entirety of their private visits the traveller can invest as much energy as they like to spend at each site.

It’s everything up to the visitor, in the event that they need to go in early morning or late night, set aside the effort for touring,shopping, conference or eating out. Their visit architect, driver and guide guarantee the traveler to get the trek as they need.Dubai desert safaritakes a shot at the standards of devotion, responsibility and basic beliefs to serve as tourist organization in Dubai.

Travelling Dubai and its desert safari:

 It has been dependably a fundamental guideline while working as the travel industry organizations in Dubai UAE to above the working limits and block to contact the fulfillment level in every one of the visits offering by organization. There is working a wide scope of tour organizations in Dubai UAE however they have kept themself offbeat from others while serving being a tourism industry organization Dubai UAE.

Dubai the tourism industry is open for the vacationers originating from worldwide to serve in better manner. While if somebody looks in search engine  generally advantageous and reasonable , they will get found their site Dubai desert safariin top positioning because of their best  tourism services , management, rapid booking framework, better rates, their vacationer guides also  give all sort of the travel industry information identified with an everyone of their visitors inside UAE. Allowance is likewise accessible on group reserving for different visits.